Google My Business And Local SEO Services

Positioning your website globally and locally are two different exercises. We focus on your local SEO services through a variety of tools and a system that we have put together thanks to years of experience in the industry.

A comprehensive analysis of your competitors and how they rank for certain terms is only part of what we do. We employ many other tools like the often-underrated Google my business and others.

Our systemic approach allows us to:

  • Understand where you stand within your geographical area – we narrow it down as much as you want
  • How your page ranks within your industry in that area
  • Which tools we can use to drive more internet traffic to your page
  • Use online tools to help you increase foot traffic to your physical location

Google My Business

To do this we focus on links, SEO, key search terms within your area, traffic sources, social media exposure, and more. One of the key tools we use that allows us to enhance your internet traffic acquisition while simultaneously giving you a higher profile for those who wish to visit your establishment, is Google maps.

As we all know, Google has troves of information on a wide variety of businesses in your area. Google’s suite also includes a powerful tool that connects internet traffic to the physical world: maps

When people are asking for directions on how to go to certain places, or they want to explore what is close to them, they use Google maps. This app allows them to see a profile of your business on a side tab, that is, if you have taken the time to optimize your internet presence and find yourself near the top on certain search queries.

We take advantage of this and give you the opportunity not only to rank better, but to also become a more active part of the information that Google maps displays about your business.

We Claim your Business on Google and Put you on that Map!

Our process to enhance your presence online and increase traffic, starts with claiming your business on Google. This allows you to:

  • Rank better on map queries for key terms
  • Improve your SEO with links back to your website
  • Enhance your credibility – users see claimed businesses as legitimate
  • Offer your goods and services to people who are not necessarily from your area but are there temporarily or decided to move there permanently

Our Local SEO Strategy

This ties in nicely with our local SEO strategy, giving us a starting point to boost your website. Through Google my business, we can understand how your competitor operate online and how you can gain an advantage.

To do this we focus on several channels and factors:

  • Social media presence
  • Who is talking about your competitors, why, and what they are saying
  • How you can compete through creative strategies that raise your profile on trending subjects related to your location and your industry
  • Positioning your brand, products, and services above those of your competitors through a thorough analysis of trending search terms in your area
  • Identifying opportunities for alliances with other local businesses that belong to different industries and are located nearby

Don’t Believe us? Try our Services out for Free!

We understand why you might still be skeptical about what we offer. That is why we decided to offer you one of our services for free. For a limited time only, we are offering to claim your business on Google so that you have a better chance of ranking on the maps app.

Hopefully, this will help you increase your foot traffic and allow us to take the first step towards building a fruitful business relationship with you. After all we are a part of your local community, and if we help you grow, we know our own business will grow. So, go ahead, contact us, and try this free service now!


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